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Confronting the Social Media menace – Part 1

Three basic tips to protect your children from social media menace One downside of Social media is severe psychological effects on children like in USA the self-harm and suicide rate in teenagers has exceled by almost 200% over last decade. Distress, tension, lack of creativity and talent are various problems which children are experiencing due…

Confronting Social Media Menace – Part 2

Mind not attentive , not able to remain focused – could be a Social Media Virus ) Confronting Social Media Menace PART 2 – Engagements and Notifications Social Media is not just about reaching people with posts, Ads or any other messages; its success depends on engagement which means the more they keep your attention…

Confronting the Social Media Menace – Part 3

Confronting the Social Media Menace Part 3 – The Rabbit Holes of YouTube Recommended Videos Are you the one who can claim whenever you use YouTube you only watch you want to and have never clicked any recommended video which was out of context of what you have been watching? If you are not then…

Children living in world of Imaginations and fictions could turn fatal

Can you believe that fictional characters can turn your children fatal and life threatening? Read below and follow the blog for a real story. You can assess how much content you children watch is real, educational and which develops them. Based on a recent survey done across 87 parents of different ethnicity 91% say our…

Protecting Our Generation

We consider children as a blessing, bounty, heirs but have we ever thought that they are divine trust (Amanah)? Children are entrusted to us by our God as divine trust (Amanah). Whenever anyone keeps with us anything as trust, it is responsibility of the Trustee to protect it, take care of it and hand it…

Concerned about Children misbehaving

Concerned about Children misbehaving , not listening and disobeying parents !!! Befriend them with “Bibi” – A young girl in a family of sheep learns to obey parents, respect others through proper guidance with fun. https://hooratv.com/document/bibi