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Confronting Social Media Menace – Part 2

Mind not attentive , not able to remain focused – could be a Social Media Virus )

Confronting Social Media Menace
PART 2 – Engagements and Notifications

Social Media is not just about reaching people with posts, Ads or any other messages; its success depends on engagement which means the more they keep your attention towards it they are more successful in manipulating your minds, thoughts and thinking the way they want you to think.

In the past authoritarian and dictatorial regimes would force people with physical assaults to do what they wanted them to do but now there is mental, psychological assaults under which they make you think the way they want you to think and then you will yourself do as per the thinking.

To do this, they use the term “Engagement” which means when you get any post or message on social media it does not remain unidirectional, whereby you only see or listen but do not react. Engagement demands that you react, which adds a point to your user model matrix that you have interest in this subject or content type, so now they have the next engine “Recommendation” kicking in, which we will discuss in next episode.

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Part 2 – Reduce engagements –

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